3 Tips To Protect Your Windshield From Serious Windshield Damage

Repairing or replacing a windshield isn't a difficult process, but it's probably an expense that you'd like to avoid. Sometimes windshield damage can't be helped. A severe storm could generate hail that cracks your windshield. A rock could fly out of nowhere and put a chip in your glass. These things happen. However, you can greatly reduce the chances of suffering serious damage with a few best practices. Here are three tips to help you avoid a windshield replacement:

Drive carefully. Rocks don't just fly off the road for no reason. They're usually kicked up by passing cars or trucks. They can also fly off of dump trucks and other commercial vehicles. You've probably seen signs on the back of trucks advising you to keep a safe distance. It's a good idea to follow that advice. By keeping sufficient distance between your car and other cars and trucks, you can greatly reduce the chances that you'll get struck by a flying rock.

Avoid extreme weather, if possible. Bad weather is a common cause of windshield problems. Hail storms can do extensive damage. During the winter, chips of ice and even salt can cause tiny scratches and cracks. 

However, it's not just ice and hail that can cause damage. If you already have a small chip or crack, sudden swings in temperature will only make it worse. When it's freezing outside and you turn on your car's heat at full blast, you're creating a drastic temperature change. 

If at all possible, avoid driving in extreme weather. If your car has a crack or chip, either get it repaired or use another car so the damage doesn't become worse.

Apply protective coating. If you really want to keep your windshield safe, try applying a protective shield. These shields are made from thin, transparent film and they stick to the outside of your windshield. Even thought they're thin, they're still durable. They prevent rocks and ice from actually hitting your glass. Rather, they're deflected by the film without causing any damage.

You can also apply this film to the inside of your windshield for safety purposes. If you have the film on both sides, you can prevent glass from falling into your car in the event that it breaks. Rather, the broken glass is just held in place by the film.

If you do suffer windshield damage, get it fixed quickly. It doesn't take long for a small chip to become a big crack. Contact a reputable windshield service, such as Speedy Glass - Phoenix, for more information.