Tips For Saving Some Cash When Taking Your Automobile To The Collision Center

Whether your car has just recently been damaged or you are finally getting around to fixing problems from a long time ago, you might want to save yourself some money. To do that, you can can advantage of the following money saving tips.

Buy The Parts Yourself

Sure, the collision center is able to order all of the parts needed for your vehicle. The problem with taking that route is that you are not there to comparison shop for the best prices. Also, some shops may add on a small fee for doing the research and placing the order on your behalf. Even if that fee is small, it is still money out of your pocket. Therefore, you are going to want to obtain a comprehensive list of the parts that they need in order to properly repair your vehicle. Then you can look online for private sellers, wholesalers, and local stores that may have the parts you need. You might even have the option of checking at the local junk yard for some of the parts that are needed. After all, whether the body part is new or used, it is going to need to be painted in order to match the rest of your vehicle.

Paint It Yourself

You may be able to borrow a spray gun from a friend or buy one for an affordable price. Either way, by purchasing the paint and applying it to the vehicle on your own, you are able to save a lot of money in labor fees. You also have the option of completing the prep work, such as applying the primer to the vehicle, or you can let the collision center do that. Just make sure that you are carefully shopping for the right paint color. If it is even the slightest bit off from the rest of the paint on your vehicle, it will be noticeable. You should be able to find the number code for your vehicle's paint in the owner's manual or on the sticker that is on the interior side of the drivers door.

Ask For A Discount

Sometimes, all you have to do to receive a small discount is ask for it. For example, if you are a senior citizen, a veteran, or an actively enlisted member of the military, the collision shop may grant you a small discount on the cost of the labor. This is not to say that they all will offer this to you, but it never hurts to ask.

With those tips in mind, you should have no trouble getting your vehicle all fixed up and for the most affordable price. Contact a collision repair center in your area such as River's Truck Center today.