Tail Light Not Working? 3 Reasons It Could Be Broken

Your car takes a lot of abuse, even if you try to be careful with it. Over time, things will just break due to natural wear and tear. One part you may be having issues with is your car's tail light. Here are 3 reasons why it could no longer be working.

Check The Fuse

One simple reason the tail light could be broken is because of a fuse that has blown. The circuit will no longer be able to provide the light with an electrical current without a working fuse.

Checking the fuse is simple. Start by shutting off your car, and then locate your vehicle's owners' manual. It should point you to where your fuse box is located, though it's typical by the steering wheel or in the glove box. Open the cover on the fuse box and locate the specific fuse for the tail light inside. Pull out the fuse and find out if if the metal piece inside is broken or fractured. If so, this means the fuse is blown. You can take the fuse to a local auto shop to get a new one, and replace the fuse back where the old one once was.

If the fuse looks perfectly fine, or putting in a new fuse doesn't fix the problem, inspect another aspect.

Check The Wiring

The issue could also be due to the wiring that goes to your vehicle's tail light. Thankfully, this is another aspect of your car that you can inspect by yourself.

Once again, start by shutting off your car. Pop open your car's trump, and remove items that are blocking access to the rear panel near the tail light. Remove the cover, and look at the wiring going to the tail light. Does anything look dislodged? If so, that is most likely the problem. You can put the wires back together, or have an auto shop do it for you.

Check The Bulb

The bulb itself could also be damaged, which means it needs to be replaced. You can use your screwdriver to loosen the screws that hold your light cover to your car. Remove the bulb carefully, and match it with a new on at a local parts store. Replace the bulb, then see if that does the trick.

If you don't feel up to testing your tail light, or still can't figure out the problem, take your car into a local auto shop, such as Tate's Automotive, that can diagnose and fix the problem for you.