2 Unusual Automotive Smells And Their Potential Causes

It is common knowledge that mechanics use both their eyes and their ears to diagnose troublesome automotive complaints. Yet what few people realize is that the nose is just as effective a diagnostic tool. If you would like to improve your ability to recognize common car problems by smell, read on. This article will acquaint you with two unusual odors and their potential causes. Sweet Smell If you have begun to notice a sweet, almost cloying aroma in your car, the problem is almost certainly tied to your coolant system. [Read More]

Tail Light Not Working? 3 Reasons It Could Be Broken

Your car takes a lot of abuse, even if you try to be careful with it. Over time, things will just break due to natural wear and tear. One part you may be having issues with is your car's tail light. Here are 3 reasons why it could no longer be working. Check The Fuse One simple reason the tail light could be broken is because of a fuse that has blown. [Read More]

Planning for a Disaster? 3 Tips to Get Your Truck Ready to Bug-Out

If you bought a truck as part of your disaster preparedness plan, you're only halfway there. While a truck will get you out of some sticky situations, it can't do the job completely without the proper tools. In a true natural disaster/national emergency, you need more than just a truck that will go off-roading. You need your truck to be truly prepared to get you to safety – that includes upgraded parts and on-board emergency supplies. [Read More]

Four Tips For Renting A Trailer To Use When Moving A Large Piece Of Furniture

When you purchase a piece of furniture second hand, you will be responsible for moving it on your own. If your truck bed is not big enough to fit the piece of furniture securely, you may want to rent a trailer to haul the furniture to your home. The guide below walks you through a few tips to ensure the rental process goes as smoothly as it possibly can. Measure the Furniture [Read More]